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John Mayer is almost always seen with Fender guitars, but as you can see he has some EBMM guitars too. This particular one is not a regular EBMM guitar - it’s a semi-hollow Reflex - there’s no such model in production. (For now) There are only 2 more such guitars - one belongs to Sterling Ball and th either to his son, Brian Ball.



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"some historians think that michelangelo was drawing god in a human brain. very few people knew what one looked like at the time; but michelangelo had dissected cadavers and would have known. it even has the hint of a brain stem. if true this would have been a great "fuck you" to the pope whom he was not friendly with but also would have meant god was in a human brain, or created by man.”

fun fact I was obsessed w/ Michelangelo when i was 7

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90% dark chocolate tastes like satans b-hole.

Do. Not. Buy.

Ha ha. 

This is a staple of my daily routine.

Is it a little bitter? Sure. I usually have it chopped and sprinkled on pudding. And ONE square is enough for me. I buy the Lindt chocolate.

(The other reason to eat it? It doesn’t turn to FAT when you eat it)

It’s been my observation over the years, that people who do not like dark chocolate also drink light beer -they don’t like Guinness or anything not golden, they only drink coffee with massive amounts of sugar -if they drink it at all, and they seem to be opposed to Balsamic, garlic, cabbage, and Brussels Sprouts. It’s also noted that if they smoke cigarettes, they smoke the absolute crappiest, chemical laden faux-tobacco ones available, like Marlboro, and show no interest in actually trying real, natural tobacco, never mind cigars.

They eat Chicken McNuggets. They actually transport themselves to McDonalds and order “food” there, and then eat it.

There was something else, but I can’t think of it right now. Of course, these traits don’t always apply, but there’s a specific “palate group” (I call them), that perceives flavors in this manner.

If you ever read a wine label and it describes “fruit notes of berries with undertones of oak,” I’m one of those guys that can taste things like that. Things that are fermented seem to be the most complex: beer (or its distilled counterpart, bourbon or whiskey), wine, and tobacco. Tobacco is the most complex, and puffing cigars are one of the most delicious things that I enjoy doing. The cigars that naturally have dark chocolate notes in the flavor are my favorite.

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